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Here at Dorota, we believe that good design can change your life. Look around, everything around you is design. Does the view inspire you? Are you energized, or soothed by the room? Or is it overwhelming, dark and filled with items you don’t love? Just like your thoughts and words influence your outlook on life, so do your surroundings. And those surroundings are the backdrop of your life.

Our goal is to design homes and create spaces that inspire living and reflect your unique personality. We respect that the investment is not only in the value of your home but also in the backdrop to your family’s life. And as a result, we create special and focused designs where your children grow up. Master suites that set a romantic tone. Bathrooms that refresh you, closets that keep you organized. Kitchens where healthy meals are made and families gather in. Outdoor living that is ready for barbecues, pool parties or just lazy Sunday relaxation.

We dress homes with furniture that is scaled to your body size. Imagine your perfect chair, where you can curl up with a cup of tea and just feel grateful for a beautiful life. Or a sectional that holds the whole family for movie night. A bed and bedding that sooth you into restful sleep. We select area rugs and flooring that set your spaces. We hang light fixtures that light up your life! Artwork, accessories and window treatments you love to look at!

Dorota can design spaces as trendy or as timeless as you want. We curate tiles and fixtures and countertops that all flow beautifully together. We help you understand the value of the pieces we select and place. We design kitchens and bathrooms that are functional and beautiful. We remodel and build, refresh or renovate a home that uniquely yours!

The best part is! That all of this starts with an easy conversation. During our complimentary consultation it is just getting to know you, your home and your space. This is where you get to tell us your wish list and we educated you about the possibilities that your project holds. Want to know even more! Click Here for our “6 Step Process”.

If you are ready to talk to a professional, contact us here at Dorota. We look forward to the opportunity to talk with you. Dorota is a full service Design and Build company. We offer total project management, from space planning, interior design all the way through permit plans and construction. Once your space is built or remodeled we keep going until the furniture and finishes are placed and your home is really ready for you to enjoy!

We service Miami, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, South Miami, Coconut Grove and Coral Gables. We specialize in residential, but work on a variety of project types.

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