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A Home You Love

Your home is the backdrop to where your family’s memories are made. Not just during the holidays where everyone is dressed up and posing in front of the staircase, but everyday . . . in your kitchen as you lovingly prepare a nutritious meal for your family, the bathrooms as you freshen up, and, even, your bedrooms where you rest to restore your energy. Now, take a look around and ask yourself: Where are my kiddos doing their homework? What spaces are they playing in? Is their bedroom a room worth remembering? Do you have your answers? Now, let me tell you that this is the way they will remember their childhood. This is the space where they are growing up. And, this is the environment in which you are passing on your family’s traditions.

We plant these thoughts to inspire you about the possibilities for your home. Ok, so you are on board, now what?!

When working with a professional interior designer, you should always start with a consultation. Some meetings take place in an office or a showroom, but at Dorota, we always start with a complimentary consultation in your home. This is where you introduce us to you, your space, your wish list, and your comfort zone, if you will. It is here where we get a sense of who you are, and in turn, we share our observations, answer your questions, and ultimately put you at ease about the process and the team you’re working with. Why? Because design is very personal and while design can be found anywhere, good design is as a result of a great relationship with and trust in your designer.

What is the role of the designer, you ask? Think of her as a conductor, who coordinates and handles many an instrument and makes sure that, in the end, everything comes together in a cohesive and beautiful way. She is like a chef, who can elevate a dish by elegantly putting together the right ingredients for a most mouth-watering result. She is an artist, who can layer her strokes to produce a masterpiece. Yet, she is also a project manager, who pushes, pulls, and manages all the moving parts to ensure that a project is completed according to task, time, and budget. In short, a designer works hand-in-hand with and schedules a team of artisans, manufacturers and workers, who will work to execute YOUR shared vision.

Once you commit to a designer, the first thing that the both of you will do is develop a clear direction. Your home should mean something. And, it should be more than just a roof over your and your loved ones’heads. Regardless of the size, shape, and/or location, any home can be beautiful and any space can surely inspire its inhabitants. A good designer knows this and will have conversations with you about comfort and scale, functionality and mood, space and placement. They will bring their expertise to you with suggestions and introduce you to new ways of looking at your space. In essence, “[t]he best projects are a result of a great collaboration between client and designer.” – Dorota Lopez.

Having worked in the residential realm for the past sixteen years, we have seen an abundance of spaces; and, while some people do, indeed, live in a home, countless others, sadly, live in a house that doesn’t even remotely reflect them. What’s the difference, you ask? Simply put, a house fulfills the needs of shelter and storage; while a home is personal, is meaningful, and does not simply serve to shelter you, but serves to inspire you, refresh you, recharge you. It is a place you love to be in, not only because it is comfortable and reflects your personality and that of your family, but it is a space all your own and one you’reproud to call yours.

Design Tip: If the thought of all the projects on your to-do list has you feeling overwhelmed, start with just one room! This will be a great way for you to experience the process and finally get that space done!

Until next time, happy living!


Dorota Lopez

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