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Design Tips For Summer

Make Everyday Feel Like A Getaway

Summer brings out a natural need for rejuvenation. We crave a time to slow down and to just enjoy life, which is why this is the time of year when most people take a vacation. While vacations are fabulous they only represent a part of the summer months. And, just like you plan vacation, we can plan a few updates to your home that will create an atmosphere of fun and keep the vacation vibe going.

Miami is pool life! So here are some ideas to create a fun outdoor atmosphere, that are sure to inspire the kiddos to spend more time outside.

An easy place to start is with fun floats! Customize them to your family’s personality and don’t forget to take selfies.

Games and activities will keep the giggles going. Stay one step ahead with pool games, beach balls, diving rings and super soakers.

Easy access to everything is key! Keep supplies such as: towels, goggles, sunscreen, hats and sunglasses handy with fun and easy storage solutions.

Playing in the pool is fun, but let’s face it, we are going to need a place to recharge before round two. This is where seating arrangements become critical! When you have a comfortable place to sit, you tend to linger outside. Think great lounge chairs, hammocks and swings. And don’t forget to have plenty of pillows to prop yourself up with and extra blankets for a comfy wrap.

We hope that these tips inspire you to get really creative with your pool area this summer. But, if your plan is to have a truly special summer, and you really want to take your outdoor space to the next level, consider working with an interior designer. We can help you space plan, design storage, specify and order furniture as well as update your outdoor (and indoor) spaces in general. Call us for a complimentary consultation.

Until next time, happy summering!



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