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Upgrading Your Kid’s Room 3 Key Moments

Did your kiddo just graduate? You know, from pre-school to kindergarten? From elementary school to middle school? You get the picture!  While there are many transitions in a child’s life, but we feel that there are three good moments to upgrade their bedrooms and to make investments that make sense.

The Kid Room  – As your wee little one starts their journey in the elementary school system, upgrading their room can help shift them into their new role as school goer.

We recommend investing in a bed that will stand the test of time throughout their childhood. Consider something without a footboard at the end of the bed. It will make the room feel more open and visually larger.

Their bedding is transitional, so keep it kid friendly with fun colors and bold patterns. As their interests change so can the bedspread.

This is a very tactile age, so consider a small table where they can spread out with their lego’s and crafts, that and imaginary scenery. Let this be a separate space, that won’t need to be cleared of for homework. Storage should be open and easily accessible, so that they play with the things they have. 

A Tween Room – When did your sweet innocent child turn into a sassy and independent kid??? At around age 8 or 9 kids go through a developmental shift where they begin to express themselves as an individual. So this is a good time to give them some leeway to make decisions regarding their room.

During the tween transition, the investment should be on storage pieces. Before you probably had more open storage so that kids could get to their toys and crafts easily. But at this age, kids are more aware of what they have and a transition to closed door storage is a good idea.

At this age kids love a place other than their bed to sit and relax. Getting a chair, small scale sofa, bean bag chair or chaise lounge makes them feel more grown up. Keep if comfortable!

Bedspread – Less of a theme and more about patterns and layers. As you change out the bedspread and drapes, you can also go for a more sophisticated lamp.

A High school Teen Room – The transition into high school is a significant one, and we find that the summer before they begin a new school is the best time to upgrade their room. Their room is their sanctuary during this time of their life and it should make them feel good!

In terms of investments, we recommend taking the time to go custom or semi-custom with their closets. By providing the framework for organization, you give them the tools to start their day easier. This is also the time to do a major declutter! Remove all the broken and lingering childhood items that are just taking up space.

Sports and hobbies tend to be important for kids at this age. So give them creative licence to express themselves through their decor. We find that the stronger the design, the less “stuff” you need to create identity.

Stay tuned for future blogs where we go more in depth with design ideas for the whole family! If you want to upgrade your children’s rooms, but feel too overwhelm by the project, consider working with us to make it happen!

Until next time, happy living!


Dorota Lopez

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